Interview with Alpha Omega student

Zeina SawalhiYear 9

One of the things I love about Alpha is that there’s no bullying at all. It is very supportive and it’s like a community. So, I’ve had a pretty good experience in Alpha. I feel, that the way that we dress, we can really express ourselves. And also, the community is really nice, it feels like just a society. So, you’re able to express yourself freely.

When I first came to Alpha in year seven, it was a bit scary at first, but after some time, it became a lot more comfortable because everyone was in the same boat, everyone was new to Alpha, The teachers, especially Omsia, the year advisor, she was very helpful. The teachers as well, are a lot more welcoming and comforting. I would say, Alpha is a comforting place that gives you a lot of support. I think it helped me advance academically and personally because I’ve gotten a lot of support from my teachers and even my friends. So, we have a study group on Google classroom where our whole grade is in it, and we help each other a lot. and we ask questions and things. And academically, the teachers are just so helpful and so supportive with everything that we do.

I would say, it was pretty good during lockdown, we got a lot of help from our teachers, especially if we needed something, we could straight away email them. But also, Zoom was very, I’d say the fact that we had our cameras on, it helped a lot to feel like we were in that classroom environment. And we were able to ask questions, and it was pretty good. Yeah. We couldn’t slack off because my teachers would always check up on me and make sure I was strict on my work. They wouldn’t let me go loose or anything, So, every single time, we’d have to submit something so that they’d know that we were doing the work. So, through PD. which is personal development, we really got to advance through our character, especially through all the lessons that we’ve learned. each period, that we do it. So yeah, all the lessons that we learned and the morals that we get taught, really help our character develop.

It’s been a long journey with my friends. At the beginning, of year 7 everyone was in their own bubble and trying to adjust. But over time, we all kind of came together and became like a really good group and you can kind of transition from different people. So, you don’t have to stay in one specific group because everyone’s just so familiar with each other, And even when we get new people, it’s just like a community welcoming a new person, a new character. When someone new comes, it’s not difficult to integrate at all, because it’s just like a community here. We welcome them and they become a family member.