Interview with Alpha Omega student and his father

Yunus JamilYear 12

My name is Yunus Jamil. I’m in Year 12 currently in Alpha Omega Senior College. I’ve been here since year eight. I’m the last person in my family to graduate from Alpha and it’s been a pleasure.

Since year eight, I’ve learned a lot of things from Alpha, particularly through PD as well. PD has probably played the most impact on my character throughout my schooling life at Alpha and I feel like that’s reflected in my studies. It’s been a very good journey so far.

I came to Alpha in year eight and so far, I’ve had one of the best experiences of my schooling career. Everything felt comfortable, everything felt normal, speaking to teachers, and having the PD department, I feel like it just benefited my overall journey at Alpha.

The school motto is Belief, Action, Change. I feel like that comes with the individual itself, so one has to have belief, and one has to have intent. In order to have change, you must take action, you must commit, and you must take risks. I feel like part of Alpha is that you need to take risks in order to achieve your goals, and achieve what you came here to do.

I do feel very supported at Alpha. I feel like having that open communication with my teachers, and my peers. My mentor has played a very important role for my overall mental health. As I mentioned previously, I’m really into my sports, my football. So, having that communication and support network with people that care, is really positive for my studies, especially throughout year 12.

I have definitely exceeded my expectations here at Alpha. I am doing a course called Compression. And one thing I can take out of Compression is obviously independence and resilience. Yes, it’s all about maths. However, my teacher has taught me that it’s more than just maths. It’s more about building responsibility, it’s about being aware of yourself. And that has obviously exceeded my expectations where I’m able to balance out my other subjects at the same time as me doing my HSC.

Students for students at Alpha means to work in partnership, work as a collective, and work as a group with your peers. And at the end of the day, HSC isn’t all about the individual, it is about how your grade performs. So, having that students for students, being there for one another, having that support network, the motivation, especially through our studies, everyone’s motivating each other. And I feel like that’s what enables growth, that’s what allows for us to achieve our goals at the end of the day.