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Interview with Alpha Omega student and his father

Reema HadiMother
Yahya Al-Din Father

Reema: My name is Reema. I’m Zack’s mum. And I guess what we bring as a unique experience as parents is that, between us we’ve been to what? 20 schools. between lots of different countries. So when we heard about Alpha and we chose to bring our son to Alpha is because we’ve actually been to a a lot of schools and I think we’ve never seen a school like this before. It’s a very unique school and that’s why we wanted to come here.

Yahya: My name is Yahya. I’m Zachary’s father. I’m a software developer We’re very, very impressed with Alpha. At the end of the day as parents, our objective is to raise fine young men. We believe that Alpha really provides the right environment to nurture developing young men. That make them confident, respectful to their society and really know themselves in the world.

Reema: I think what we noticed the most about Alpha is, how confident Zach has become. He was really shy and he didn’t really speak much and I think within a very short period of time he has been there now, two years, he’s really come out of his shell. He feels very proud of his achievements, proud of who he is. And really we wanted a school that supported him and helped him find himself. We didn’t want a school that just broke the kids’ spirits and, it’s fine academia is very important too and we love how Alpha’s got an academic focus, but we, well, we noticed that was different was that Alpha also made them confident and made him very. um, kind of, able to express his thoughts very clearly. And thought that that would give him, we thought that would give him skills, not just for school. but skills for life. I think. we love how Alpha has a focus on being organized, on time management, on prioritizing and kind of teaching them really, really is the formula for success. But it’s not just about success in school, it’s about success in life and. and what he’s learned is something that he can carry for the rest of his work skills, his family skills. his, well whatever he chooses to do in the future. And I think that’s what we mostly loved about Alpha is that, we saw the change in him from someone who is unmotivated to someone who actually, you know, organized his own life. We never had to tell him to study. He did it himself. We never asked him to do work. He did it himself. And I think that sense of responsibility is just, I don’t know, profound in a teenage son.

Yahya: He’s definitely engaged. And at the end of the day as parents, that’s what we want. We wanted them to be engaged with his family, with his studies, with his life. These are critical years for them and we find that Alpha provides them the right mindset for them to really appreciate what’s happening in the future and really sets them up. I also, as a parent really liked the collegiality between the teachers and the students. It’s kind of like a college environment rather than a normal school environment. “Do not step on the grass” and all that, that we’ve always been subjugated to. It’s kind of has like a demeaning tone, whereas Alpha has the opposite approach and that’s really important to us because that breeds into their competence and half the success of life is your confidence and your, um. ability to believe in yourself, and, and within two years, Zach went from someone that he, struggled with that until he’s very competent.

Reema: Yeah. it’s true. The mentor-mentee relationship, it’s not really a teacher-student relationship. Um…

Yahya: And as parents, we can actually talk to him like, like an adult. Reema: Yep. He’s very grown up. In a very short time.

Yahya: And he’s only 13. So it’s a Testament to the environment that hers in day in, day out. We all know that the environment that he’s in. is probably more influential than What we can teach him at home. Cause with them it’s time within the home. So, Alpha is the solution that we’ve been searching for.