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Interview with Alpha Omega student and his Mother

Rachid ZeidanYear 8 Student
Sara ZeidanMother

We conducted an interview with our fellow year eight student Rachid Zeidan and his mother Sara Zeidan as seen in the video, It was an insightful session as Sara discusses the immense improvements that she has seen in her son’s character due to the personal development sessions that he has been attending.

Rachid: We would have talks every Wednesday for about 2 hours. We would ask questions about how to deal with stuff in life. For example. me, social anxiety. and how to get used to talking with other people. He would tell us tips that would actually help when it comes to meeting someone that you’ve never met before and talking to them.

Sara: That was the BIGGEST in for him! Social anxiety, he wouldn’t like going anywhere. He would not communicate with anyone that he doesn’t know. Now, he can actually full have a conversation and not have that, you know fear in him and its definitely from the development program one hundred percent!