Interview with Alpha Omega student and his Mother

Rachid ZeidanYear 8 Student
Sara ZeidanMother

We conducted an interview with our fellow year eight student Rachid Zeidan and his mother Sara Zeidan as seen in the video, It was an insightful session as Sara discusses the immense improvements that she has seen in her son’s character due to the personal development sessions that he has been attending.

Sara: Changes, since he’s come to alpha, has been that he’s starting to talk and actually come out of his shell. He’s become a man, what he was before and now, very big difference, very big! Prior to coming here, he was very reserved, quiet and not social at all. I felt like now he’s on that concept of making friends, getting louder, he’ll talk a little bit more and he’s more open.

Sara: I actually put him in alpha as I wanted a more comfortable place for him. I wanted a place where I knew he would go on learning, and get higher marks but the change that I’ve seen in him is absolutely amazing! The development program is something that I would honestly pay an extra few thousands and I’m happy because he’s really developed to where he is at now, very developed.

Rachid: We would have talks every Wednesday for about 2 hours. We would ask questions about how to deal with stuff in life. For example, social anxiety and how to get used to talking with other people. He would tell us tips that would actually help when it comes to meeting someone that you’ve never met before and talking to them.

Sara: That was the BIGGEST thing for him! Social anxiety, he wouldn’t like going anywhere. He would not communicate with anyone that he doesn’t know. Now, he can actually have a conversation and not have fear in him and it’s definitely from the development program one hundred percent!

Rachid: When I first came I made friends with one friend and then I moved away from him a bit so I could get to know some new people because it was only a few people. I started talking and then we brought everyone else into the group. Then I started talking with more people and I got comfortable with the grade, the class and the teachers.

Sara: This is something you would never get out of him prior to here, ever! That’s what was major.

Sara: My experience from alpha on a scale from one to ten is definitely a ten plus plus plus. Honestly, I felt that the comfort of my child is on another level. He wants to come to school, he feels motivated and excited to come. He loves the teachers, the friends, the atmosphere and everything in it. I can’t even explain, as much as I explain it won’t be enough unless they actually come in and see it on their own. It’s amazing! Amazing!