Interview with Alpha Omega student and his father

Jaad Karaki Year 8 Student
FouadKaraki Father

Jaad: My name is Jaad Karaki and I’m in year 10. I feel like I’ve come a long way, not only through my intelligence and my education but as well as my mentality. I feel I have changed a lot in terms of how I think, not only in terms of school but in life in general.

Fouad: The reason we got my son to Alpha is that we’ve heard about this school and actually with the experience we’ve had with Alpha, it’s more than what we heard. You want to be here to know what is going on. The teachers, the actual school, and the program that they go through, are all positive. InshaAIIah for years 11 and 12, he’ll carry on the way he’s doing so far because he is doing really well. I would say that the school has helped as well.

Jaad: Since I joined the school. I feel like not only have I seen my teachers and counsellors as just teachers and counsellors, I see them as friends and family. I feel that it’s the reason I enjoy being at Alpha. In lockdown, I did feel like I was secluded from everyone at school. I was at home, just with my family, but I still had people to support me. When we needed something. The teachers were there, and they went beyond just to help us through the tough times.

Fouad: With my son, he’s always got high goals, it’s from home as well, like we always give him the best, but I think the school has improved that as well. You get some schools that might not improve it, some schools might do the opposite, but with Alpha, I think that if you have the potential and you want to learn, they’re there. The teachers are there, and they know if they see that you are really trying, they want to help you more.

Fouad: I liked the idea of how they called them by their first name, to me it’s a bit weird. but I think after you get used to it I think this Is good, they become like friends when you call someone by their first name. When you’re calling someone sir or miss it’s a sort of fear of them. I guess by calling someone by their first name, you got nothing to hide, it’s just like your mate. I think that’s a big thing, it’s awesome to have their teachers be called by their first name. I think that’s brilliant.

Jaad: The uniform policy is amazing because it prepares us for the future like at uni you’re not wearing a uniform, In other places, they may see it as a symbol of who they are but at Alpha they just want you to be who you are, they want you to be as yourself and that could be shown through your presentation.

Fouad: Well, I will be honest when I first heard about it, I thought, did I really need it? But I think it’s awesome, because it’s not just helping them out with school, it helps them with life because there’s a lot of things out there in life as important as school and I think if you’re not doing good in your life, you’re not gonna do good at school. So if you’re not thinking positively and sometimes we need to hear it. If you keep hearing things about how you are gonna live your life, it does make you a better person. I think that PD is awesome because honestly when I first thought about it, do they really need it? But I think it is doing well for the kids.

Jaad: Yeah, as my dad said, PD goes beyond education. I feel that it’s a lesson, it’s a period in school where it’s a lesson on life where you don’t have to be secluded just to education and you’re uncomfortable with maybe a subject you don’t like, but PD, it puts you out there, it puts you in a place where you’re not comfortable, and as they always say if you’re not in your comfort zone. you’re doing good, and that’s what PD does.

Fouad: People need to be here to see it. Some people might hear that it’s a bit costly, but at the end of the day, you only got your kids. Kids are yours, that’s the best investment you can have in life. You look after them and that’s what our parents did, so you do your best with your kids. I think they are worth the charges. I think it’s for the work they actually put in with the kids, I think it’s nothing, I honestly do.