Principal's Message

As the Principal of Alpha Omega Senior College I have one goal in mind: To inspire each individual I come in contact with including parents and students and teachers to believe in the change they can make in the world and to provide them with the support to make this change a reality.

AOSC will position itself to become a leader in education by taking a comprehensive approach to learning and enriching the wellbeing of the students:

  • Academically
  • Socially
  • Personally and
  • Physically

At AOSC we have developed a team of educators unified by their shared goal to strive towards absolute and exceptional student achievement. By doing this, we believe in the change the learning experience will have not only on our students but on our teachers, staff, parents and all other individuals involved with the organisation as they become immersed in the vision to create change.


You may ask, what it is that I as the Principal of AOSC will add to this journey? To this I say, I will draw upon a history of 20 years ( over 30,000 hours) of teaching and student development which is the equivalent of 42 years of face to face teaching to produce a learning environment that is conducive to achieving success. Throughout these years I have spent time mentoring students, parents and families through challenging situations and prove that quality and meaningful education comes not from academic excellence alone, but the investment in one’s character and overall development.


To be responsible for, and focused on, the academic and personal achievement of each student enrolled at AOSC as I work together with my staff to make a difference to their lives.

Above all else, it was my firm belief in achieving this success, through the staff and students of Alpha Omega Senior College that drove me to commit to this vision and impart this belief onto each member of the College Community. This belief will be brought to life by the student body, and the call to act upon their own beliefs and dreams, to ultimately create the greatest change in history, a change within themselves.

Tarek Bayah 
AOSC Principal